The Davy Select Watchlist feature uses cookies to record which shares you have added to your list. It will not be able to function if you have cookies turned off. If you do not see an "ADD" button, it may be because you have cookies switched off, or have not accepted cookies on the Davy Select website.

If you clear the cookies in your browser you will lose the content of your Watchlist.

If you create a Watchlist on your desktop computer, it will not be available to your smartphone or laptop, as cookies are specific to the machine and browser that they are created on.

For more information on how Davy Select uses cookies, please see our Privacy & Cookies page.


Why can't I see my watchlist?

If you have already created a Watchlist, but it is not being displayed, it may be due to one of the following reasons:

You have cookies turned off.

You have cleared the cookies in your browser, which results in the loss of the content of your Watchlist.

You created your Watchlist on a different device, or on the same device but using a different browser. Because the Watchlist uses cookies to remember your selection, it will only be stored in the browser that you used to create it.