If you currently hold cash in your Davy Select account, you can make withdrawals online.

  • Log in to myDavy
  • Go to My Profile in the navigation menu
  • Scroll down to the page to the My Accounts section and click on the account you wish to withdraw funds from
  • Select Withdraw Money tab
  • Choose the method of payment: Electronic Funds Transfer or Cheque
  • Choose the currency you would like to make your withdrawal in: Euro, Sterling, or US Dollar
  • Enter the amount that you would like to withdraw. The cash available on the account is displayed below this field
  • Enter a contact number to enable Davy Select to contact you in the case of any issue arising with the transaction
  • Click Submit
  • You will receive email confirmation of receipt of your withdrawal request

PLEASE NOTE - If you have made a trade, no money will leave the account until the trade settles.  In some cases, trades can take 2/3 days to settle.  


If you choose to receive payments by cheque, Davy will issue a cheque on the next working day after your withdrawal request. This cheque will be sent to the correspondence address associated with your account.

If you do not receive your cheque within five working days after making a withdrawal request, please contact us on 01 614 8900 or email us

You can update your correspondence address online by going to My Profile > Personal Details.  

More on updating your details.

Electronic funds transfer

In order for you to receive payment from Davy by Electronic Funds Transfer, we need to associate a bank account with your Davy Select account. To associate a bank account with your Davy Select account, we must be in receipt of an initial signed written request advising us of your bank details.

Please send a signed letter including your bank account details to:

Davy Select
Davy House
49 Dawson Street
Dublin 2

If you have already provided these details to us and would like to clarify the bank details that you selected, please contact us on 01 614 8900 or email us.

Only one bank account can be linked to each currency.

Alternatively, you can update your bank details online by going to My Profile > Personal Details > My Accounts > Bank Details. 

More on updating your details.