Multiple accounts – how do I add/remove accounts to the overview page?

The top of the overview page displays your total accounts where you are the beneficial owner: the current value of your investments. This does not include trades that have been dealt, but have not yet settled

Only accounts where you are the beneficial owner will be included in the donut (Investments by Accounts) unless you activate other accounts in the Show in Charts section.

You can scroll down the page to view a breakdown of Investments by Ownership, where relevant.

Please note you will only be able to view accounts you have requested to view online.

How do I view my portfolio?

To view the details of individual accounts, click on the account you wish to view from either of the account menus.

If you have one account with Davy Select, you will be able to see this as soon as you log in.

Within each account, you can review the Valuation using the donut chart. When you hover over each section of the chart, the asset class, amount, currency and percentage allocation will appear.

The details displayed within each account section underneath the heading Portfolio Value are as follows:

  • Portfolio Value: The current value of your investments.
  • Invested Value: The current combined value of your shares, funds and ETFs.
  • Cash Value: The current value of the cash in your account.
  • Available to Invest: The total amount of cleared cash on the account, adjusted for any unsettled sales or purchases, pending purchases, or fees.

Portfolio holdings

The next section of the account valuation page displays a list of your current holdings, with prices from the previous business day's close. From this list you can review your holdings, and drill down to detailed prices and stock information. You also have the option to download this in PDF or Excel format.

Portfolio holdings history

To review your transactions in a particular holding, scroll down the page and select Portfolio Holdings History from the menu.

The Portfolio Holdings History functionality lets you review your transactions in a particular share, fund or Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) during a specified time period.

1. Choose the holding you want to review from a drop down list of your holdings

2. Set a start date and end date for the period that you want to review. The list will automatically update as you adjust the date period.

Statements and correspondence

Within the valuation page you can also review:

Statements: Transactions, income and deposit statements can be searched for by date period and broken down by currency. You can download these in PDF or Excel format. You will find your dividends within your income statement. 

Correspondence: You can search here by document type and date period. You can download these in PDF format.

You will also find your recent correspondence by clicking on the envelope in the main navigation.