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How do I withdraw or transfer stock from my Davy Select account?

If for any reason you decide that you do not wish to continue holding your shares through our Nominee Service, our Davy Select team will assist you in transferring or certificating your holding following a written instruction from you.

Request a transfer in certificate form 

There is a fee for withdrawing shares of €36.90, inclusive of VAT, per holding. This is to cover our administration costs. We would appreciate if you could enclose a cheque or bank draft for the relevant amount when forwarding your written instruction to the Client Service team if there are insufficient funds on your account to fund this charge. Please ensure that you include your Client Account Number, as displayed on your Nominee Statement, Valuation or Transaction Statement, in your correspondence to enable us to process your request efficiently.

Please be advised that some foreign securities must be held electronically as the companies do not issue share certificates. This means that these holdings must be transferred to another broker of your choice.

Request a transfer to another broker

If you wish to transfer your holdings to another broker, please forward us a cheque or bank draft for the relevant amount together with a written instruction detailing the name of the Broker to which you want the shares transferred. Please ensure that you provide a contact name and telephone number in that company. There is a fee for transferring out of €36.90, inclusive of VAT per holding.