Share Certificates

  • We make buying and selling shares you hold in certificated form simple.
  • When you buy shares we can send them to you in certificated form if you wish.
  • Certificated share dealing is available as part of the Davy Select Telephone Account, call for instant price quotes.
  • You can transfer your holding(s) to our nominee service at any time if you would like Davy to hold your certificates for you.

Share certificates 

  • A Share certificate is a legal document that certifies ownership of a specific number of shares in a corporation. You legally own the shares.
  • You receive all documents and your dividends are paid directly to you. 


Some risks of holding share certificates

  • You are responsible for the safekeeping of your own share certificates
  • Share certificates can be lost or damaged. They are costly to replace if lost or stolen.
  • They expose you to fraud if they fall into the wrong hands
  • You will not be able to place your order to sell until we have physical receipt of your certificates



Already an existing Davy client


As an existing Davy client, you can buy and sell shares through your account, but if you want to apply the share certs you hold yourself to your Davy account, you can sign the CREST Transfer Form on the reverse of the share certificate and deliver it to Davy. You should call us on 01 614 8900 before you send any share certs to us. Once we receive the certs, we can arrange for you to hold the shares in your account or sell some or all of them.


Not a client yet?

If you wish to sell some or all of your shares you will need to open a Davy Select Personal Investment Account. To open an account please click here or call us on 01 614 8900

Terms and Conditions (including fees) apply.

You should ensure that you understand the risks of any investment decision including share purchases or sales before proceeding. The value of shares can fall as well as rise and you could get back less than you invest.