Transferring Your Pension

Davy Select offers a wide range of pension products specially designed to meet the varying needs of our clients. As the Davy Select pension platform can hold a wide range of assets, it may be possible to make transfers in specie i.e. transfers without encashment of the underlying assets.

Before transferring any pension from your current pension provider, it is important to determine whether any charges/penalties apply or whether any additional benefits would be lost on making a transfer. You should seek advice from a professional to ensure that transferring your pension is the right decision for you.

For example:

  • Are there any exit charges/penalties for transferring your funds before you retire?
  • If you kept your current pension arrangements, are you entitled to any bonus awards or favourable annuity rates at retirement?
  • Is there any attaching life or disability cover?

How Can We Help?

  • We can conduct a full review of your existing pension arrangements and provide you with a statement of your benefit entitlements and transfer options.
  • We can prepare the transfer paperwork to effect the transfer from your different providers on your behalf.
  • We can meet with your existing providers to ensure your transfer is processed efficiently.
  • Davy Select does not charge a transfer fee for the transfer of holdings from other firms. Please be aware that some firms charge exit fees and you should check these before you transfer.

Call our pensions teams on 01 614 3311 for more information or to start your transfer.


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