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  • Over 1,250 investment funds and 30 providers to choose from.
  • The value of your investments can go down as well as up.

Why invest in funds with Davy Select?

  • Choose from hundreds of funds and 30 international providers.
  • The reassurance of the Davy brand - Ireland's leading provider of wealth management, asset management, capital markets and financial advisory services.
  • The dependability of the Davy Select platform, one of the most trusted and reliable in the marketplace.
  • You are comfortable making your own investment decisions without advice.

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What are Funds?

A fund is money that is pooled from many entities and then invested generally in a broad range of assets by a fund manager. The fund manager may focus on a specific asset or on a variety of assets such as cash, bonds, equities and property.

Each time an investor invests in a fund they are issued with “units”. These units represent an investor’s share in the fund.

As the value of the fund increases or decreases so does the total price of the units. The value of your units will change in line with the value of the underlying investments.

You can read more about Funds here.

Fees and charges apply.

Some risks of investing in Funds

As with all investments, there are risks to investing in Funds. They include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Investors may not benefit from the same entitlements as if they held the investments directly (e.g. voting rights).
  • Costs can be significant and can be difficult to define precisely. While the annual management charge may be stipulated, other charges may be less visible.
  • Investors cannot control the investments that are made within the Fund. This discretion is held by the Investment Manager appointed by the third party investment Fund provider.
  • Although a Fund may be denominated in a particular currency, underlying investments may be held in other currencies and thus the Fund may be subject to currency moves.

The above list is a summary. Other risks apply.

In addition to the general risks attaching to Funds, there are specific risks attaching to each Fund set out in the relevant fund documentation.

The benefits of investing in funds with Davy Select

A wealth of choice

  • 1,250+ funds and 30 international providers.
  • Funds span money markets, bonds, equities and alternative investments.
  • Each fund has its own individual risk and reward profile. Choose a fund that reflects your investment goals and appetite for risk.

Analysis and Ratings

  • The Davy Select platform enables you to view a wide range of fund information.
  • See analysis, ratings and other investment data, including historical prices, performance profiles, and market developments and news.

Fund rebates

  • Available on all Pension Accounts and Davy Select Trading Plus Account.
  • In the case of all pension accounts and the Davy Select Trading Plus account, Davy will refund to you 100% of any rebates we receive from third party investment Fund providers when you invest in their investment Funds (excluding ETFs).
  • Not all funds pay rebates and values can vary.
  • Find out more.

Davy GPS Funds - Global Portfolio Strategies

  • Three distinct funds of funds with different investment objectives.
  • Actively monitored asset allocation managed by Davy’s investment team. 
  • Access to global investment funds.


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