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Davy Select, 49 Dawson Street, Dublin 2, Ireland.

How does the Davy nominee service work?

As the name suggests, the Davy nominee service operates such that our nominee company holds assets on your behalf. There are a number of reasons why a potential investor may wish to avail of our nominee service.

Some of the reasons are: 

i. Some countries have abolished physical share certificates, which means that shares must be held electronically;

ii. We can act on your instructions immediately if we hold shares electronically;  

iii. You don’t have to worry about losing physical share certificates or the cost of replacing them; and  

iv. We handle some of the administration associated with share ownership such as dividend collection and dealing with corporate actions. 


When you receive a dividend on your account an alert will be sent to you by email or post, depending on the account correspondence type you have chosen.

Income from dividends will appear on your transaction statement as cash. If you would prefer reinvestment of your dividends (known as SCRIP/DRIP) please contact us to request a change of dividend type on or 01 614 8900