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  • A wealth of investment and trading opportunities.
  • For those that are comfortable making their own investment
    decisions, without advice.

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  • Whether you’re looking for a pension or interested in trading in shares, funds or other equities, our online investment platform will provide you with the tools you need and the choice of investments to help you manage your finances and pursue your goals.

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Do it Your Way

Davy Select is designed for investors who are comfortable making their own investment decisions, without financial advice; this is known as “execution-only”. Execution-Only is not for everyone. You should ensure that you fully understand any investment and the associated risks before making a decision to invest. Alternatively, Davy can arrange for you to open a different type of account through Davy Private Clients, where we can advise you in relation to investment decisions, or where we can manage investments on your behalf. Please visit davy.ie for more information on these other service levels.


Davy Select offers a large selection of global investments across numerous exchanges, including 7,500+ Shares across 30 international markets, 1,250+ funds and 650+ ETFs. You can hold many different types of pension and personal investments in one place. 


Davy Select clients have access to award winning Davy Research. Clients can access the latest articles and videos across a range of sectors including Industrials, Food, Beverage, Pharmaceuticals, Transport, Leisure, Financials and many more. 

Platform & Tools

Our online investment and pensions platform provides a solid foundation to select investments and make informed decisions. You have a comprehensive view of markets and products, and benefit from investment and analysis tools such as MorningstarTM.  You can access prices, company profiles, key financial and performance data, and the latest research.


Davy Select Trading Desk and Customer Service staff are available in our Dublin office from 8am to 9pm Monday to Friday. So whether you need help getting started, or have a question about your account we are here to help


Founded in 1926, Davy is Ireland’s leading provider of wealth management, asset management, capital markets and financial advisory services. Davy is responsible for the vast majority of funds raised on the Euronext Dublin and has been consistently recognised for the quality of its research and professional services. Davy Select draws on the experience, resources and dependability that have made Davy such a respected financial brand. 


We are an established name, a trusted financial brand that has inspired confidence for nearly a century.

Choosing Davy Select, you’ll build on generations of award-­winning services under the Davy banner.